Welcome to Teenwolf token, a simple, highly intelligent community-driven platform enhancing economic well-being by empowering young people and diverse cultures by giving them control over their finance and exploring different possibilities to amass wealth
Alpha Pack Paper CONTRACT


Token Name: Teen Wolf Token

Symbol: TEEN

Decimals: 9

Contract Address: 0x176911057E53f60de2A5De23a4f4624Ad925b552

Buy Tax: 10% (Distributed automatically to all $TEEN holders)

Sell Tax: 14% (Split in 2, 7% to liquidity and 7% to Marketing/Development Wallet)

Initial Allocation.Max Supply: 500,000,000

Private Sale: 10%

Presale: 53%

Liquidity: 37%


Behind the Banter

There is a great need to have a breed of traders who are part of the global decentralised finance as this is the platform they require to overcome technological hurdles and truly recognize how money works. This is where TEENWOLF TOKEN comes in, supplying tools and content materials that provides comfortability with money to the younger generation, while they learn and invest, subsequently opening exceptional endless possibilities to create and amass wealth.


TEENWOLF token is launched on the Binance Smart Chain (Bep-20) network. It is a medium for transactions, being a monetary system on its own, it solves problems in the community with a smart code that rewards loyal holders, with a 5% burn every quarter.


10% of each buy transaction with $TEEN token is deducted and redistributed to our pool of holders. By simply holding, you will be exposed to a broad variety of tokens increasing progressively each day as the community transacts.


A small fraction of each trade is diverted to auto-generating liquidity that goes into collective pools utilized by exchange.






Private Sale

Airdrop/Public Sale

Pankcake Swap/ Launch

Contract Auditing

Community Workload


Listing(CoinMarketCap, Coingecko)

Twitter Influencer Marketing

DEX Trending

Press Release Submissions

Stage 1 Exchange Application

Dapps Development

NFT Integration


Press Releases Published

Twitter Trending

CoinMarketingCap Trending

DEX Trending

Teen Conference

New Partnership Application


TeenWolf Blockchain Bootcamp

Blockchain Migration

TeenWolf Exchange

TeenWolf Park Preparation

Metaverse Integration/Amusement

TeenWolf Blockchain Academy


No, Teenwolf is not exclusive for teenagers. Other members of the community can trade, invest and engage in other Blockchain activities in the Teenwolf platform. Teenwolf only has a section that is particularly structured for teenagers to educate, train and empower them so that they can become acquainted and comfortable with the subject of finance.

Teenwolf token can be bought and traded on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. The Teen CEX is a user-friendly platform that makes investing and trading easy for beginners. With the acceptance of Cryptocurrency by MasterCard, the token can be bought using credit cards. Also, it can be traded on a decentralized exchange like pancakeswap, where you can swap a token for Teenwolf token and vice versa.

Yes, anyone can design an NFT on our blockchain. Once you have chosen the unique digital asset you want to turn into an NFT, which could be a painting, picture, music or video collectible, you mint it into an NFT using our blockchain. Afterwards, you set up a digital wallet and fund it with our token so you will be able to create and sell your NFT. Finally, you display your NFT in the Teenwolf park for auctioning

Crypto gaming allows players to use their rewards and items across different crypto gaming platforms. Using the play-to-earn model, players can earn crypto tokens just by playing games or you can sell the items acquired in the game for a Cryptocurrency.

Not just a marketplace per se, it is also a virtual amusement center with a section for display and sale of NFTs and other crypto assets. The Teenwolf park will make you appreciate the beauty of the metaverse.

Our blockchain will store migrants' professional credentials and background declarations. This happens after they have undergone professional evaluation and passed the application stage. Migrants will also be protected from fraud, malpractice and misrepresentation, thanks to our built-in smart contracts.

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